Reports Turn project reporting simpler and smarter with ProofHub.


Online reporting tool
See project reports at a glance

Get detailed project reports in just one click. Visualize every aspect of your project and the overall project progress at one place. Plan to take future actions accordingly, making the most of ProofHub’s project reporting software.

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Get a visual roadmap timeline of the complete and incomplete milestones in a project and manage projects accordingly.

project reports
Track tasks progress with project reporting software

Track tasks progress with burn-up charts

See how much work has been completed against the total amount of work in a burn-up chart. Know the pace at which tasks are completed to adjust plans accordingly.


Get a detailed list of open and overdue tasks in a project. See who is behind on what by how many days and plan tasks ahead.

Keep track of open and overdue tasks with online reporting tool
Project status report

Visualize task reports based on different parameters

Get a clear idea of the project progress with task reports based on labels and assignees.

See workflow task reports

See detailed workflow task reports of tasks for each workflow in a project. Get a clear idea of the number of tasks in each stage and how work is progressing.

Workflow task reports
Project reporting tool

Keep track of time logged in a project

Have a clear time report for the time logged for billable, billed and even non-billable tasks based on timesheets and individuals who logged time.

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Download project reports of the projects of your choice and use in meetings or however you want to plan and schedule projects.

Download project reports
Track your team’s progress with
resource reports

Track an individual’s tasks, milestones, time data, and overall progress at one place. Visualize progress in simple roadmap timelines and charts. Use individual reports to analyze performance and progress across all their projects and plan ahead making the most of ProofHub’s resource management reports.

Resource management reports

See an individual’s open tasks and milestones

Get a clear view of open tasks and open milestones of all the projects assigned to a person and adjust plans as needed.

See a roadmap of an individual’s milestones

Visualize a roadmap timeline of complete and incomplete milestones of a person and plan projects ahead, using ProofHub’s individual project reports the best way.

Resource report
Individual’s tasks progress report

Track an individual’s tasks progress with burn-up charts

See how much work has a person completed and the total amount of work assigned to them in a burn-up chart. Know the pace at which a person is completing tasks to adjust plans accordingly.

Visualize an individual’s task report

Visualize overdue, open, and completed tasks by an individual based on labels and see what they are behind on by how many days to plan ahead.

Visualize an individual’s task report
Label name Overdue Open Completed Total
Important 1 1 0 2
Urgent 2 0 1 3
High 3 0 4 7
Low 1 0 1 2
Individual’s task report

Keep track of time logged by a person

Have a clear time report for the time logged by a person in their projects and how much time is spent on what.

Individual project report
Download individual's report

Download reports of individuals

Download individuals’ reports and use them in performance reviews or however you want to manage teams.

Customize reports and see
the data you want

Pick parameters of your choice and create custom reports that display exactly what you want for the times when you need specific data in a report instead of the data shown in default reports.

Create custom reports

Create custom reports the easier way with your choice of parameters to get just the data you need. Pick the details you’re interested in from the list, including tasks, milestones, time data and more.

Create custom reports
Customize your project reports

Pick the time ranges you want

Customize your reports based on individuals, projects, project statuses or even project categories across any timeframe you choose and analyze progress for a certain time period.

Download custom reports

Download custom reports in just one click and use them in meetings to analyze your planned versus actual progress of individuals, tasks, and projects.

Download custom reports
Online Task management system

With proofhub you can organize all your thoughts, projects, task, people, files, etc... in a simple clean manner. I have 3+ different companies with multiple projects going on in each, each company has several people using proofhub, proofhub allows me to keep a bird's eye on EVERYTHING. And then there is the Awesome Gantt Chart. The Team at loves proofhub!

- Omari W, Flyht Lab, LLC

Track and manage projects and resources with individual, custom,
and project reports easier and smarter using one online project reporting tool.

  • No installation
  • No credit card
  • No chaos
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