Proofing Deliver your best work with ProofHub.


Deliver your best work with online proofing software - ProofHub

Review files, proof them, collaborate on them, and approve them right where you are, using one online proofing software.

Collaborate on design with online proofing tool

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Collaborate on designs and documents in real time. Review and add comments to share feedback at one place.

Markup tools

Annotate files with markup tools. Add clear and actionable feedback for specific regions.

Add clear and actionable feedback with markup tools
Online proofing tool

Threaded comments

Reply to comments within a thread that focuses on a particular suggestion or feedback and make the most of ProofHub’s online proofing tool.

Mark suggestions or feedback as resolved

Mark suggestions or feedback as resolved once the changes are made. Reopen them in case the changes are not made yet.

Mark suggestions or feedbacks as resolved
Review file versions with online proofing software

Review file versions

Upload new versions of files and compare them with the previous versions to review changes.

One-click approval

Once done resolving all suggested changes and feedback, collaborators can approve files with just a single click.

One click approval with proofing software
Online proofing tool

ProofHub’s online proofing tool helps our customers to remain assured of their designs and lets us reap customer happiness from around the globe. Keep up the great work ProofHub!

- Robert Clark, Artisan Ink

Review and proof files easier and smarter using
one online proofing software.

  • No installation
  • No credit card
  • No chaos

Getting Started With an
Online Proofing Software

ProofHub brings together all the essential proofing features that streamline the design review and approval process for you and your team.

When working on creative projects, file proofing becomes much more frequent and demands several team members' active involvement. With ProofHub, you get a professional proofing tool on your side to review and approve files without any struggle. Here's everything you need to know about online proofing and why ProofHub is a perfect fit for your proofing needs.

What is online proofing?

Proofing is the process of reviewing and approving files that usually contain some form of creative work. When the proofing work is done in real-time over the internet, it becomes online proofing.

Online proofing is highly popular among graphic designers, web designers, and video creators who earlier had to go through a lengthy proofing process to get approval for their work. An online proofing tool replaces the conventional paper-based and email-based proofing procedures with a more robust web-based solution.

What are online proofing tools?

Online proofing tools are web-based applications or software that make the proofing process quick, smooth, and effective. The best thing about an online proofing tool for teams is that it facilitates real-time team collaboration and improves the quality of proofing work.

With an online proofing tool, teams can centralize and automate the process of reviewing and approving files, thus saving a lot of time. Project managers, web designers, graphic designers, video engineers, and other professionals prefer online proofing platforms to share their creative work with others and get timely feedback.

Online Proofing Software?

Making use of printouts, emails, messaging platforms, etc. for sharing design files and getting feedback creates confusion and leads to the wastage of both time and resources. Moreover, chaos becomes evident when you use multiple tools and channels for proofing.

For modern creative teams that need to deliver more quality work in less time, an online proofing tool is necessary. As a manager or team lead, you would never want your team members to get confused and disheartened while seeking feedback.

An online proofing software provides your team members a simplified yet highly effective way of getting their creative work reviewed on time.

What are the Benefits of Using Online Proofing Software/Tools?

It is for sure that an online proofing software makes the design approval process straightforward and frictionless. But this is not the only advantage that you get with an online proofing system.

You will enjoy many other benefits by integrating an online proofing software into your team's workflow. The most notable benefits are as follows:

Open Collaboration

Encourages the sense of togetherness and fosters collaborative behavior in the team. Online proofing software provides a virtual space where people can share their work and exchange constructive feedback.

Better Transparency

When multiple people are working on a single project or task, there's the need to maintain complete transparency in their work. Along with centralizing all the project work, online proofing software allows the entire team to keep track of all their tasks and proofing statuses.

Review Process Becomes Faster

One of the most important benefits of an online proofing software is that it makes the file review and approval process less time-consuming. Teams can preview design files, share feedback, and approve files all within a single interface. This will speed up the proofing process and help teams save a significant amount of their valuable time and effort.

Promotes Accountability

Having all the work allocation and feedback data at a single place, which is visible to everyone, makes team members more accountable for their work. It's quite easy to get information about the tasks that - are completed and ready to be reviewed, are under review, have been approved.

Easy Accessibility

Online proofing software works round the clock and is accessible using a variety of devices. This makes it possible to access the files, view them, and add feedback literally from any part of the world. The ease of accessibility makes online proofing software an apt choice for remote teams and cross-functional teams too.

Know When to Use an Online Proofing Tool

  • To annotate files

    To annotate files

    Add comments as suggestions or feedback to a file while reviewing it on ProofHub. Use markup tools to highlight the specific regions of the file and add actionable feedback.

  • To get feedback from multiple team member

    To get feedback from multiple team members

    Invite members of your team to review a file and leave feedback by merely adding comments. Mention them in the comments using @ to grab their attention and ensure critical information never go unnoticed.

  • To review multiple files versions

    To review multiple files versions

    File versioning is beneficial for comparing the changes made to the latest file with its previous versions. Download different versions of the file directly to your system and select a file version as current and get rid of all the successive versions.

  • Improve To approve files

    To approve files

    Getting feedback and suggestions is one thing, but a file must be approved before it passes to the next stage of the project workflow. ProofHub allows all the members invited for proofing to approve a file with a single click.

Who Can Use Online Proofing?

Online proofing is not limited to a specific industry. Any team working on creative projects can use online proofing to review, proof, and approve files. Online proofing saves teams from all the hassles that they need to go through when using sluggish procedures, such as long email threads, for the review and approval process.

By utilizing the power of online proofing, teams can add more value to their work and get things done faster.

Usually, team collaboration becomes challenging as the team grows in size. An online proofing tool helps team members get on the same page by utilizing online collaboration. Having an online space where team members can connect digitally will reinforce team coordination, plus team size is not a limitation.

On the whole, online proofing is ideal for both individuals and professional groups who want to streamline how they share their creative work and receive feedback from colleagues and clients.

Thanks to online proofing, you no longer need to rely on emails to share feedback and approve designs & documents.

Why Proof Files Using ProofHub?


  • No installation
  • No credit card
  • No chaos
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